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The sustained success of an Organization is the balance between economic, social and environmental aspects, which allows meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Sustainability challenges are increasingly significant and demanding at a global level, with relevant implications for the Organizations’ medium and long-term strategies. Increasing competitiveness through globalization, the use of natural resources, climate change, loss of biodiversity, preservation of ecosystems and the quality of life of individuals are some of the challenges in complex context in which there is an increase in the concern of society with the way in which the Organizations define and manage their policies.

Considering that Quality, Environment, Safety and Occupational Health are fundamental pillars of a Sustainable Development, Turbimaq makes use of the normative tools of management, aiming not only to obtain competitive advantage, but to do its part in relation to the current and future needs of sustainability, using resources efficiently, reducing waste generation, providing better quality of life and trust of its clients, employees, suppliers and community.