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Turbimaq at CIBIO 2018

This week, from September 4 to 6, Turbimaq will be participating in CIBIO 2018, in Curitiba – Paraná – Brazil.

The CIBIO (in Portuguese) - International Biomass Congress is an annual event that counts with the support of the main associations and entities related to the Biomass sector in Brazil and abroad. The Congress has a fundamental role in this new phase of the Brazilian Energy Matrix, where the search for clean technologies for energy generation is urgent to ensure the future and growth of the country.
In the midst of this search for new alternatives to generate energy, we have agreements and commitments signed by Brazil with other countries, with the aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere. This scenario increases the need for the search of new and effective Clean Energy Technologies that can meet the growing demand for consumption.

The challenges are great given that average energy consumption has increased a lot in recent years. Thermal and electrical generation with Biomass has helped Brazil to grow and monitor the main technologies available in the world.
The CIBIO is the best opportunity to discuss the new directions and trends of the sector, as well as an excellent opportunity to present new technologies, research presented by the Academic and Productive sectors that together are the necessary forces for this long awaited change.

The event will take place in Curitiba - Paraná, during the days 04, 05 and 06 September 2018, and TURBIMAQ will be present. Those interested in visiting our booth during the event and also participating in the lectures and other activities in the three days can make their registration through the site All programming and information related to the new edition and previous editions are also available at the electronic address. Information on how to be an exhibitor can also be accessed at the event website

Come visit our booth and know more about TPP's - Turbimaq Power Plants - with extensive experience in the manufacture of steam turbines and related thermal systems, Turbimaq launches its line of complete Thermal Power Plants, guaranteeing rational and sustainable energy solutions to its customers in the use of steam for electric power generation and / or industrial processes. TPP's aim is to serve the electricity production market mainly through the use of biomass, guaranteeing the supply, compensation with the concessionaire or the commercialization of this input.

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